Welcome to the FactorAnalyzer documentation!

This is a Python module to perform exploratory and factor analysis (EFA), with several optional rotations. It also includes a class to perform confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), with certain pre-defined constraints. In exploratory factor analysis, factor extraction can be performed using a variety of estimation techniques. The factor_analyzer package allows users to perform EFA using either (1) a minimum residual (MINRES) solution, (2) a maximum likelihood (ML) solution, or (3) a principal factor solution. However, CFA can only be performed using an ML solution.

Both the EFA and CFA classes within this package are fully compatible with scikit-learn. Portions of this code are ported from the excellent R library psych, and the sem package provided inspiration for the CFA class.


Please make sure to read the important notes section if you encounter any unexpected results.


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